Bitcoin’s highs are „just getting started“

Mati Greenspan: Bitcoin’s highs are „just getting started“.

The analyst believes that price jumps of more than 250 percent could become the norm in the future.

In his new newsletter, the founder of Quantum Economics reiterates that Bitcoin’s recent jump above the US$23,000 mark, which saw a gain of almost 29 per cent within the last week, is not necessarily a Bitcoin Legacy sign that the market is „overheating“ and will soon crash as it did during its record run in December 2017.

„In our view, it’s just getting started,“ as Mati Greenspan writes accordingly. „We probably shouldn’t use old benchmarks to assess the current gains.“

Accordingly, a sharp rise does not necessarily indicate an all the more severe downturn; rather, a new normality of large price jumps could be establishing itself.

To this end, he explains:

„If demand continues to increase and supply continues to decrease, then it’s very conceivable that on some days we’ll see price jumps of 250% or even more.“

Greenspan also says that „no one in the world can say for sure“ when Bitcoin (BTC) will start to go down again, considering price values between US$23,800 and US$1m per coin conceivable.

Accordingly, he also sees Scott Milner’s forecast as quite realistic, according to which a price of 400,000 US dollars would be justified.

„Now that we have broken through the previous record high, there are no more landmarks in the price chart that would indicate a ceiling formation,“ as Greenspan explains the changed situation. He continues, „There will be a ceiling formation somewhere, of course, that’s for sure.“

Other voices in the crypto industry also see the current surge as evidence of sustainable growth for the market-leading cryptocurrency, with Catherine Coley, managing director of Binance.US, saying:

„As long as the US central bank and country governments around the world take the impact of inflation on their national currencies, there will be a swerve to Bitcoin that will lead to new record highs.“

At press time, Bitcoin is at US$22,863, up 9.8 per cent in the last 24 hours.

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Market capitalisation of Bitcoin to exceed that of gold, according to Winklevoss twins

The Winklevoss twins asked participants at the Singapore Fintech Festival to educate themselves about Bitcoin, predicting that BTC’s market capitalisation will exceed that of gold.

Bitcoin market capitalisation will outstrip gold, according to WinklevossBLOCKSHOW twins

Speaking during the Singapore Fintech Festival 2020 on December 7th, pioneering Bitcoin investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss reaffirmed earlier predictions that the price of Bitcoin will end at $500,000 per Bitcoin.

The twins said their $500,000 forecast is based on the assumption that Bitcoin’s market capitalisation will increase 40-fold in the future, exceeding the market capitalisation of approximately $9 trillion of gold .

Cameron pointed to the „tremendous amount of money printing that is happening“ in debt and trust regimes, and inflation concerns such as increased demand for „tangible assets“ like gold and Bitcoin.

Cameron says Bitcoin offers significant advantages over gold as a monetary commodity, such as its ease of transfer and immunity from external forces that influence the rate of its production.

Despite their optimistic outlook, the twins noted that the cryptomino sector has experienced a totally uneven geographical advance, with a lack of regulatory clarity impeding the growth of business and services around technology in many emerging economies.

However, they saw the promise of technology to keep the world without a bank, looking at a plan to expand the Gemini exchange in emerging regions.

They argued for legislators to use regulatory sandboxes to reduce the barriers faced by startups working with cryptomorphs, warning that heavy regulatory requirements can stifle innovation. Cameron said:

„Apple started in a garage in Silicon Valley, I think Facebook started in a dormitory […] you have to be careful that the burden is not so great that many people can’t innovate in this space. ”
Tyler also rejected the „provocative rhetoric“ of the cryptomaniac community about Bitcoin’s potential to make the legacy sector obsolete, saying that the growth of the cryptomaniac industry depends on collaboration with banks:

„If people want to buy Bitcoin, its correct value is generally not in the cryptomaps, because cryptomaps are new. So you have to build a bridge between the world and this new crypt world and you need banks to do that. ”
Despite the tremendous year of Bitcoin, Cameron predicts that the sector „is just beginning“. Tyler encouraged people to educate themselves about Bitcoin, saying:

„Pay attention to Bitcoin and crypto and educate yourself, because this is the biggest financial and technological revolution since the Internet itself. It’s not a passing fad, it’s here to stay – and it will transform money, the Internet and much of the world around it. And it’s just beginning. ”

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This is what the crypto-economy will be doing in 2021

Silicon Valley and Wall Street showed in the last quarter of the year where the crypto economy will head in 2021. In addition to new groups of investors, it is also about new rules of the game. Why private keys are being forgotten and why a diversified storage strategy also makes sense for digital assets.

As we have already reported in detail , the current momentum in the crypto market is mainly coming from institutional investors. This means that large investors such as hedge funds, financial service providers and companies in particular are responsible for the rising prices of Bitcoin Evolution and Co. However, this new form of establishing and institutionalizing the crypto-economy also brings about changed rules of the game. What became visible in the last quarter of 2020 will accelerate further in 2021: the move away from self-custody from the investor’s point of view.

New whales and re-centralization of Bitcoin

With the emergence of these new major Bitcoin investors, there is a further centralization of Bitcoin, at least from a custodial perspective. So far, even the largest Bitcoin assets have been distributed relatively unevenly across a few wallet addresses, but these have often been privately owned. Should mean that a single Bitcoin investor has his private keys.

This is changing significantly with hedge funds like Guggenheim Macro Opportunity Fund or PayPal’s crypto service . It is true that through PayPal a further distribution of Bitcoin also takes place on the small investor side, and accordingly also a decentralization, but not from the point of view of „physical custody“.

It doesn’t matter whether you buy shares in a documented Bitcoin ETC from HANetf / ETC Group (ISIN: DE000A27Z304) or VanEck Vectors Bitcoin ETN (ISIN: DE000A28M8D0) or whether you load cryptocurrencies into your account via PayPal, you hand over access and control of your Bitcoin to a financial intermediary. Few players manage ever larger amounts of crypto currencies.

Who needs private keys?

While many institutional investors have no other choice but to accept the safekeeping offers, as they are not allowed to keep the private keys themselves, there is also a tendency that even small investors of the recent hour come less and less into contact with the option of self-safekeeping. The most user-friendly offers, regardless of whether PayPal, Revolut or the Bison crypto app from the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, only offer a custodial wallet in which the private keys are with the respective custodian.

Not only does the supply exert an influence on the demand, but it also shows, conversely, that a new, less idealistic, less state-critical or politically libertarian crypto-investor body is establishing itself. The mantra “Not your keys, not your coins” looks antiquated to them with a view to the year 2021 and its new offers.

In practice, decentralization and personal responsibility take a back seat. The motto is clear: You want to participate in the growth in value of digital assets as easily and conveniently as possible. However, self-custody does not belong to this rather pragmatic understanding of crypto.

The fruits of crypto corporate lobbying

The big players in particular are reinforcing this tendency because they don’t want to mess with politics and the regulatory authorities. The state has no interest in Bitcoin investors holding their own private keys. After all, the state doesn’t want you to keep your cash under your mattress or bury your gold in the garden. Accordingly, it can be assumed that the highly regulated and thus also centralized offers will be given the green light by politicians.

Basically, politicians can be grateful for any Facebook Libra or PayPal – even if they wouldn’t admit it – that guides new investors into a centralized, very controllable ecosystem. Really decentralized alternative offers through decentralized financial applications (DeFi), which work via a non-custodial wallet, have to be contained from the perspective of politics at all costs.

That now politicians like Olaf Scholz critical of Facebook’s Libra express , gives little sense in this context. If not long ago, the lobbyists from Facebook or PayPal in Brussels, Berlin or Washington will articulate the options clearly. To put it simply: either the politicians allow corporations with crypto ambitions and thus retain access to the transactions and users, or they prevent group crypto services and thus open the door to decentralized offers that are difficult to control.

The mere report that Facebook’s Libra would like to start with the first stable coins as early as January 2021 indicates that such an agreement has already been found.

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Uma garota compra Bitcoin: Maisie Williams se junta ao Rally Histórico

Apesar dos conselhos do Twitter, a Maisie Williams do Game of Thrones ainda comprou a Bitcoin.

Quando Maisie Williams, também conhecida como Arya Stark, Badass of Winterfell, vencedora do Game of Thrones (desculpe, Bran), pediu conselhos de investimento ao Twitter ontem, mais de 900.000 pessoas responderam.

Sua pergunta foi simples e elegantemente formulada, sem a necessidade de capitalização (Bitcoin é capital): „devo me alongar no bitcoin?“ E a resposta foi clara.


Mas Maisie Williams não é de se sentar em um castelo e deixar que você diga a ela para não comprar Bitcoin, pois seu preço acelera rapidamente em direção a máximos recordes. Ela não se senta e espera que a economia zumbi se desenrole. Não, Maisie Williams queria aquele BTC. Então, ela o comprou.

„Obrigado pelo conselho“, ela declarou à sua multidão de potenciais novos fãs, que estavam ansiosos para abraçá-la como uma de suas próprias fãs. „Eu comprei alguns de qualquer forma“.

É difícil dizer se o „de qualquer forma“ se referia aos resultados da votação ou ao comentário interminável que ela recebeu dos maximalistas da Bitcoin.

Como uma verdadeira Bitcoiner, Maisie não se importa com o que as outras pessoas pensam (a menos que concordem com sua avaliação de que a Bitcoin vai para 100 mil dólares). Os legumes são necessários para uma dieta saudável? Maisie só come carne agora, muito obrigado. A queixa do homem é uma coisa? Somente em Westeros.

É claro que ela não poderia ter escolhido melhor hora para pular a bordo (bem, exceto por todas as vezes que o preço da Bitcoin estava bem abaixo de 17.700 dólares, mas não se preocupe com isso). Bitcoin está em uma corrida épica de touros. Há um mês atrás, era em torno de 11.300 dólares. Agora, está batendo na porta de $18.000, e o preço máximo do mercado atingiu o máximo de todos os tempos hoje.

„Sim, temos Maisie“, pensou um pomp jubilante (talvez) a si mesmo. „Agora vamos pegar Jon Snow“.

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BTC-pris exploderar med 15%, handeln till nya höga nära $ 16K

BTC-priset fortsatte att höjas högre på fredagen inför en ytterligare nedgång i US-dollarn. Jämförelsekryptovalutan bröt motståndszonen på 15 500 dollar och handlades till en ny 2020-topp på 15 974 dollar på ledande platsbörser.

Bitcoin har nu stigit från lägsta nivåer på 11 200 dollar sett för bara några veckor sedan för att handla till 15 559 dollar under presstiden. Den ökningen markerar en vinst på 36,5% under tjugo dagar, vilket gör det digitala myntet till den övergripande bäst presterande tillgången under den tidsperioden.

Detta inspirerande rally beror på flera intressanta trender på Bitcoin-marknaden. Först och främst finns det en stor förskjutning av priserna mellan terminsmarknaden och spotmarknaden.

Denna marknadsförskjutningsnivå, där till och med vissa spotmarknader släpar efter andra spotmarknader, sågs senast under höjden av 2019. Den mycket förskjutna marknaden verkar vara en bieffekt av att OKEx-börsen stänger av uttag, vilket tvingade många investerare att stablecoins och Wrapped Bitcoin.

Dessutom har flaggskeppets kryptos pågående stigning högre uppmanat investerare att avveckla dussintals miljoner långa positioner under det senaste dygnet. Vissa handlare försökte korta rallyt för att hitta den paraboliska toppen, men misslyckades då BTC fortsatte att montera uppåt.

Bitcoin Bulls har fortfarande utrymme att köra

Bitcoins snabba steg uppåt har chockerat investerare och orsakat oro för att inflytelserika handlare och valar sannolikt kommer att avveckla sina mynt i väntan på en stark retracement.

Flera trender på kedjan motverkar emellertid känslan att BTCUSD är överutvidgad till uppåten. För det första visar data som delas av analysföretaget Glassnode att BTC-marknaden kan hållas högre.

Rafael Schultze-Kraft, CTO Glassnode, delade diagrammet nedan och indikerade att världens första kryptovaluta fortfarande har utrymme att samlas. Han förklarade att den ”relativa orealiserade vinsten” för BTC för närvarande ligger långt under bubblornivåer sett tidigare.

En annan viktig trend inom kedjan som kan stärka BTC-priset är den enorma tillströmningen av nya användare som interagerar med blockchain.

Enligt data från analysplattformen Santiment nådde antalet adresser som interagerar med BTC-nätet 1,17 miljoner igår. Det är det högsta varumärket sedan 10 januari 2018.

ETH-priset förstör tungt motstånd

Ethereum har fått betydande fart under de senaste timmarna och har lyckats bryta sig över flera viktiga motstånd.

ETHUSD-paret rensade $ 405 och $ 410 i början av sitt rally på fredag och fortsatte med att skjuta upp 6% och bryta motståndsnivån på $ 420. Dagens uppåtgående rörelse var så intensiv att ETH till och med spikade över $ 440.

Vid tidpunkten för publicering byter det översta altcoinet händer för 441,7 dollar, med ETH-priset som förväntas följa Bitcoins kraft och överstiga 450 $.

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The best asset in the world: Asymmetrical returns with Bitcoin investments

This can be checked with government bonds. German government bonds, rated with the top AAA rating, promise a return of -0.59 percent over ten years. Not a particularly good investment, but pretty safe. Meanwhile, the current interest rate for 10-year Brazilian bonds is 7.84 percent. The rating agency Fitch rated the paper BB-. Investors have to take into account a potential bankruptcy of the Brazilian budget when investing.

Conversely, what percentage of the portfolio investors invest in which type of security depends solely on their risk tolerance. Risk-averse investors are likely to prefer a portfolio that relies more on safe bonds and more aggressive investors focus more on stocks, ETFs and alternative investments.

Safe is not always better

Anyone who follows the textbook opinion about the linear relationship between risk and return runs the risk of missing out on the really good opportunities. There are investments that don’t quite fit into the described pattern. One of them, as you can already guess, is Bitcoin. Not only is Bitcoin retrospectively the best performing asset in human history; Even in relation to the associated risk, BTC beats the competition by far. Depending on where you start measuring, BTC has grown by over three million percent in the first decade of its existence.

So do investors have to be extremely willing to take risks in order for a BTC investment to be considered? Limited. Because, contrary to what modern portfolio theory suggests, Bitcoin is less risky than assumed. Sure, digital gold is quite volatile – significantly more volatile than gold, oil and the S&P 500, for example. But not as volatile as the price should theoretically be with such a return. In other words, Bitcoin is what is known as an asymmetrical investment.

Exponential growth possible

With cryptocurrency no.1, risk and return are not linear, but rather convex. The return does not increase proportionally to the risk, but increases exponentially.

This already intuitively conclusive description of the course events can be measured with the Sharpe ratio . This is a quantitative indicator that relates risk, measured by volatility, to return. A Sharpe Ratio> 1 means an excess return on the asset in relation to the risk assumed. It turns out that when compared to assets like gold, stocks and oil, Bitcoin is the big winner in terms of asymmetry. BTC currently has a Sharpe ratio of 2.62. The next best asymmetrical asset is gold with just 1.66.

One thing is clear: if you are looking for the asset with the best asymmetrical return, you will find it with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin train hasn’t left yet

Nobody knows how Bitcoin will fare in the future. Investors should keep in mind that BTC is still a risky investment. The cryptocurrency has been working flawlessly for 10 years with a reliability of 99.99 percent. A bug or other as yet unknown risks could still endanger the project. It therefore makes sense to participate in the course with moderation and moderation – the growth potential is large enough.

Even if it feels different for some: Bitcoin is still in its infancy ten years after its genesis. Optimistic estimates assume that just one percent of the world’s population owns Bitcoin. An asset that has what it takes to become a world reserve currency is still very modestly capitalized at 242 billion US dollars (USD). Anyone who invests now is still an early adopter and is betting on a continued bullish course.

The bottom line is that there is still massive upward potential – and the signs point northwards. With the halving in May of this year, supply growth tightened again, and news like MicroStrategy’s USD 425 million allocation are massive harbingers of exponential price growth similar to 2017.

With each passing day, the likelihood of failure decreases and the risk of investing in BTC decreases. Presumably the risk / return ratio has never been better than it is now.

Asymmetric investing is the holy grail of investing and Bitcoin is holy water.

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Analyst: That’s why Ethereum crashed 4% in a single second yesterday

Ethereum has seen a sharp correction in the past few days while Bitcoin has slid down.

At the time of writing, ETH is trading for $ 370 – roughly 7.5 percent down from its high of $ 400 set just 36 hours ago. The cryptocurrency failed to overcome the crucial resistance of $ 400, despite Bitcoin hitting a new annual high of $ 14,100 over the weekend.

The sell-off at ETH was marked by a series of rapid sell-offs, suggesting that there may be a contingent of Ethereum investors who are seeing a bear trend in the asset in the short term and are therefore trying to liquidate their coins as soon as possible.

Ethereum sell-off marked by selling pressure from large investors

As the crypto asset analyst „CL“ notes, the decline in Ethereum began on Monday with a rapid sell-off on Binance’s futures market.

According to his data, the coin fell $ 15, or about four percent, in a single second. CL claims the decline was due to cascading „trigger orders“ on Binance’s futures – suggesting that there are whales or big traders who didn’t expect the coin to drop much lower.

While the movement was initially bought up, the cryptocurrency continued to move down after that rapid sell-off.

The pressure from the spot market also drove ETH down.

For example, shortly after the Ethereum correction, the crypto asset analysis and data firm Coin Metrics reported that users had deposited 4,000 ETH into Binance twenty minutes before the downturn began. 4,000 ETH is currently around 1.5 million dollars.

Coin Metrics‘ chart also shows that thousands of ETH were sent to Binance hours before the downward move – along with thousands of ETH sent to exchanges like Kraken after the first part of the downward move.

Another risk of falling for ETH

Analysts fear that after falling to $ 370, ETH will have more leeway to move down.

Su Zhu, CIO and CEO of Three Arrows Capital, joked on November 2nd that a valid „yield farming“ strategy would be to deliver wrapped bitcoins to Compound, lend ETH, sell that ETH for wrapped bitcoins, and then repeat . This would create a leveraged short position on Ethereum versus Bitcoin while also adding COMP.

„Safe idea: deliver wBTC to Compound, lend ETH and sell uniswap to wBTC, supply wBTC again, manage COMP + generate permanent profits from ethbtc and reap the benefits.“

Others take a similar view and comment that the macroeconomic aspects are much clearer for Bitcoin at the moment than for Ethereum.

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TRON network under attack, much to Justin Sun’s delight

The Bitcoin Rush network suffered an attack during its recent update. And the creator of the project, Justin Sun, took the opportunity to self-promote …

TRON network attack yesterday

The attack was announced by the boss of TRON in a Twitter thread posted yesterday . Justin Sun explains that the network was attacked by a hacker as the mainnet updated to version 4.1 :

“This attack used the authority that was given to the contract developer. The attacker initiated malicious transactions, which forced the “super representatives” to suspend production of the blocks .“

As a reminder, the super representatives, numbering 27, are the people or entities that manage the TRON blockchain. They are the ones who produce the new blocks and who validate them. The TRON network is widely criticized for its centralization considered excessive because of their reduced number. On the other hand, “Super Representatives” are supposed to be elected by the TRON community, but in fact Justin Sun himself has used his funds to place his friends and businesses like Poloniex.

The centralization of the network still in question

It is not known what exactly the attacker was looking to do. Justin Sun explains that it was about stealing funds. The founder of TRON casts a self promotion in passing:

“As the most active blockchain in the industry , the attacker sought to profit from the suspension of production of the blocks. The TRON community responded immediately, however, locating the problem and fixing it immediately, while working with the Super Reps to update the nodes. “

The TRON network was offline for about two hours and then returned to normal. Justin Sun confirms that the TRON attack did not affect users‘ TRXs, and that all funds are safe.

The founder of TRON therefore draws an exaggerated conclusion to say the least:

“[TRON] withstood this massive attack once again, proving that the TRON network is the decentralized network with the most resilience and the best defense capabilities in the industry ! “

The analysis is however shared by fans of TRON, whose quality of memes will be left to you to judge:

Effects on the price of TRX

Following this attack, the price of TRX experienced a fairly marked fall. Over the last 24 hours, it has lost more than 10% and is currently trading against 0.023 dollar, whereas it exceeded 0.027 dollar a week ago.

That Justin Sun chose to turn an attack on the TRON network into a marketing opportunity is hardly a surprise. This shows, however, that TRX fans are ready to bypass the centralization of the network in order to follow its creator to the end …

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L’imminente rottura del pennant riporta il prezzo di Bitcoin sul percorso a $ 14.000

L’aumento del volume e un breakout al di sopra di una linea di tendenza chiave hanno riportato il prezzo di Bitcoin sul percorso di $ 14.000.

Con l’avvicinarsi del fine settimana, il prezzo di Bitcoin ( BTC ) sembra destinato a chiudere il mese con una performance notevolmente forte che ha molti tori che chiedono un nuovo massimo storico sopra $ 20.000 nel prossimo futuro.

I trader attribuiscono queste alte stime al fatto che BTC sembra aver ribaltato da $ 12.000 a $ 12.500 per supportare e, salvo imprevisti implosione di prezzo, Bitcoin è sulla buona strada per dipingere una bellissima candela mensile.

Ulteriori prove ‚rialziste‘ provengono dalle opzioni odierne e dalla scadenza dei futures che ha visto la scadenza di $ 450 milioni di open interest a partire dal 28 ottobre.

Secondo il collaboratore di Cointelegraph Marcel Pechman :

“La scadenza più recente delle opzioni per BTC ed Ether non ha davvero fornito nulla di sorprendente. Deribit è tornato a 137.000 opzioni BTC contro i 150.000 aperti di ieri. Nel frattempo, CME ha un interesse aperto sui futures di $ 215 milioni in scadenza il 30 ottobre, ma questo sembra aver avuto un impatto minimo sul prezzo, se non del tutto. Ancora una volta non sussiste più il fenomeno del calo dei prezzi pre e post BTC al verificarsi delle scadenze dei futures CME. Ciò riafferma la tesi rialzista per la recente corsa, nonostante le notizie negative dalle borse asiatiche e da Tether „.

Attualmente, BTC viene scambiato sopra $ 13,5K e il grafico a 4 ore mostra l’asset digitale che fa minimi e massimi più bassi mentre il prezzo si avvicina a un intervallo più stretto.

Anche se il prezzo si mantiene al di sopra della media mobile di 20 giorni, non sarebbe inaspettato vederlo oscillare tra $ 13.500 e $ 12.900 durante il fine settimana e all’inizio della prossima settimana

Se il prezzo di Bitcoin è in grado di spingere al di sopra della linea di tendenza del pennant a $ 13.620 e garantire una chiusura di 4 ore sopra di essa, allora è possibile una nuova spinta per un nuovo massimo del 2020 sopra $ 13.859.

Attualmente, all’aumentare del volume degli scambi, l’indicatore di divergenza di convergenza della media mobile mostra che il MACD ha superato la linea del segnale (arancione) e l’istogramma mostra un aumento del momento. L’RSI è anche sopra la linea mediana, raggiungendo appena 60, ma negli ultimi giorni BTC ha incontrato resistenza a $ 13.660.

Nel caso in cui BTC perda il suo momentum attuale e scenda dal pennant sotto i 13.100 $, c’è un supporto a 12.800 $. La mancata tenuta a questo livello apre la porta a un nuovo test del prossimo supporto a 12.000 $ e al di sotto di questi 11.500 $.

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O preço é justo: Adivinhe o preço do Bitcoin e ganhe 200 Tokens USDT

Bem-vindo a outra doação da CoinCodex! Desta vez, estaremos doando 200 Tether USDT, 0,06% fichas para a pessoa que der o melhor palpite para o que o Bitcoin BTC, 0,61% de preço será no dia 3 de novembro de 2020 às 12:00 PM PT.

Como eu posso participar?
Você é um negociante de Bitcoin inteligente ou apenas se sente sortudo? Nós não discriminamos – você é bem-vindo a tentar, desde que siga estas instruções.

1. Faça o download do aplicativo CoinCodex
Se você quiser participar de nossa última doação, o primeiro passo é baixar o aplicativo móvel CoinCodex. O aplicativo é 100% gratuito e disponível tanto para as plataformas iOS como Android.

2. Navegue até a guia News dentro do aplicativo
Quando seu aplicativo CoinCodex estiver pronto, dirija-se à seção „Notícias“.

3. Clique em Giveaway Entry
Agora, você pode entrar no giveaway, indo para o link a seguir:

4. Adivinhe o preço do Bitcoin
Agora, para a parte divertida – insira o valor em dólares que você acha que o Bitcoin (BTC) terá no dia 3 de novembro de 2020 às 12:00 PM PT. O usuário cujo palpite for o mais próximo do preço real ganhará 200 fichas de USDT!

5. Indique seus amigos e aumente suas chances!

Se um de seus amigos indicados se revelar o usuário que forneceu a melhor previsão, ambos receberão 200 fichas de USDT – seu amigo por adivinhar corretamente e você por indicá-los!

Qual é o prêmio?
Aquele que adivinhar o mais próximo do preço real do Bitcoin (BTC) no dia 3 de novembro de 2020 às 12:00h PT em USD ganhará 200 fichas de USDT. Se um amigo que você indicou for o vencedor, ambos ganharão 200 fichas de USDT!

Dê as regras
As regras da doação são bastante simples. Aqui está o que você precisa saber.

Linha do tempo do concurso:
Inscrições abertas: 29 de outubro de 2020 às 10:00 PT
Encerramento de envios: 31 de outubro de 2020 às 15:00 PM PT
Anúncio do vencedor e distribuição de prêmios: 3 de novembro de 2020 às 15:00 PT

Termos e condições
Lembre-se de ler e respeitar os Termos e Condições de doação completos que podem ser encontrados aqui. Qualquer violação destes termos resultará na desqualificação do brinde.

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